**Update 6/15/19 - toggle fullscreen mode by clicking the button on the bottom right corner of the game screen**

Your best friend, The Mage, has gone missing in the night! Search an old arcade to discover where they've gone!


Mage Arcade is a short, interactive fiction with multiple endings! 

This is my first game as well as a submission to the March of the Wizards 2k19 #WizJam2k19


Controls: Click Buttons to forward story

Note: You may experience a slight delay when first loading game. It will load in 1-5 seconds, typically.

Looking for feedback and constructive criticism in comments below! I've included a devlog about my process and the evolution of the game.

Mage Arcade is free to play in your browser, but you can support the game via the button above.

Thank you for checking out this game! I hope you enjoy it!

Development log


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This is a really cool quick story game! I went with option 3. I wonder what that reflects about myself.. hmmm..

Hi pigeonaut! Thanks for playing the game! Only you know the truth!!